IT&C Divisions
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Communications technician Jason O'Brien installs a solar panel
Communications technician Jason O'Brien installs a solar panel that provides electricity for the penguin camera on Torgersen Island.

IT&C Operations

IT&C Operations ensures the USAP Information Technology and Communications infrastructure is up and running from day to day. This group employs the bulk of the IT&C personnel and technicians who provide the behind-the-scenes maintenance of our infrastructure, deploy seasonal infrastructure, respond to work orders and provide subject-matter expertise to new technologies and projects that are on the horizon.

Information Security

Information Assurance/Information Security (InfoSec) assists with IT&C risk assessments, applies contingency planning and controls assessments, implements procedures for vulnerability management, ensures USAP information systems gain authorizations and maintain compliant security architecture, and advises the NSF on the InfoSec developments.

IT&C PMO (Projects)

The IT&C PMO performs project, program, and portfolio management activities, including participation in capital planning; project intake and program definition; planning, oversight, and control for current projects and programs; and deliverables to the NSF for portfolio-based activities.

IT&C Software Application Support and Development

IT&C Engineering and Development provides development and support for software applications, including data, account and access management for those applications. The multimedia group provides support for USAP internal and external web sites, web based technologies, media broadcasts, NSF video production, and the library of videos.

IT&C Architecture and Strategy

The USAP Enterprise Technical Architecture is an information technology architecture that establishes guidance and standards for systems being developed and deployed within the USAP networked environment. As a government funded program, the USAP architecture follows the guidance and models laid out in the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) program, which is sponsored by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The USAP Technical Architecture is developed and distributed in a "business driven" way.

IT&C Product Assurance

The IT&C Product Assurance department verifies and maintains the highest level of quality service to clients by providing oversight for all IT activities through software quality assurance (SQA) and testing, software compliance, configuration management, and lab services for system development.