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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request additional articles of clothing?

We have a very limited ECW clothing inventory.  In some circumstances, depending on the job description, additional articles of clothing are issued, but please do not make a request if your job description doesn’t warrant extra clothing.

Do I need to take all the gear that I’ve been issued?

If it’s your first year, it’s a good idea.  It’s hard to determine what you may or may not use until you begin working and recreating.

Do I need to bring some of my own gear?

This is a personal preference; the issued ECW gear provides appropriate warmth and protection.

NOTE: You must bring your own water bottle and sunglasses.

What if I get on station and realize I could use a piece of gear that I turned in at issue?

Excess ECW gear is not available at Palmer Station or on either of the ships.  If you’re at Palmer Station and realize you need another piece of gear, it is possible to request to have something sent south on the next ship.

What if a piece of clothing is lost or stolen?

Theft or loss of gear should be reported to the station administrator (admin) or Marine Project Coordinator (MPC).  Abnormal damages or unreported loss of clothing may result in you being billed for repair or replacement costs.

Is it okay to decorate my Carhartt jacket?

Absolutely not.  All gear is on loan and must be returned.  Worn is okay, but defaced is not.

If my Carhartt pants are wornout do I still need to turn them back in?

Yes.  All gear must be returned no matter how worn or damaged it may be.
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