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Antarctica is remote, with a harsh environment and limited medical facilities. Because of this, all grantees, employees, and technical representatives are required to pass stringent medical and dental examinations before deploying to the Ice. The process creates a large amount of paperwork for you to fill out, and while we understand it may seem cumbersome, we hope that you find it worthwhile for the adventure on which you are about to embark.

For more details about deploying to the Ice, read the USAP Participant Guide.

The Antarctic Support Contractor (ASC) processes all USAP participant deployment paperwork.

disclaimer DISCLAIMER
USAP medical and travel qualification forms are only to be completed and submitted by individuals who have received valid offer letters of employment and/or official National Science Foundation approval for deployment to Antarctica. Submissions without valid offers or approvals do not constitute an obligation on the part of the USAP for employment or deployment

To begin the deployment process follow the below steps:

NOTE: ASC no longer mails deployment packets to potential participants. If for some reason you have problems printing forms, send an email to either or (depending on the forms you cannot print: medical vs. travel related).

  1. Complete the Medical Deployment Packet that UTMB emailed to you. You may proceed to work on the below steps at the same time. Follow directions and obtain additional information for physical qualification on the Medical Deployment Packet page.
  2. Grantee and Technical Event personnel go to the following location to print all travel forms: Travel Deployment Packet—Grantees and Technical Events

    ASC personnel, go to the following location to print all travel forms: Travel Deployment Packet—ASC Personnel
  3. Mail or fax your completed travel forms at least eight weeks prior to your deployment to the following address:

    NOTE: Do not submit completed travel forms via email; any forms received by email are disposed of without action.

    ASC Travel
    7400 S. Tucson Way
    Centennial, CO 80112
    Phone:1.800.688.8606 ext. 33202 or 303.790.8606 ext. 33202
    Fax: 303.705.0742