Antarctica Service Medals and Certificates
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Antarctica Service Medal
Photo of the Antarctica Service Medal
Image of the Antarctica Service Medal, established in 1960 and awarded to those in the service of United States interests in Antarctica

Civilian participants who deploy to an Antarctic research station or vessel and remain south of 60 degrees South latitude via the U.S. Antarctic Program are eligible to receive an Antarctica Service Medal and Certificate from the National Science Foundation.

Eligibility is based on cumulative service of at least 30 days prior to September 30, 2008. After October 1, 2008, eligibility is reset and based on cumulative service of at least 10 days.

Background and History of the Antarctica Service Medal

If you are eligible to receive a medal and certificate and have not, it may have been returned to us because we do not have your most current address on file.

For Antarctica Service Medal inquiries, please email

For military personnel eligible for this award, please contact your command.

If your deployment was with another international Antarctic Program and not with the U.S. Antarctic Program, please contact the specific program.

Civilian medals and certificates have been mailed for the following seasons:

Summer seasons: 1994-95  – 2022-23
Winter seasons: 2006-2023