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Welcome to the online Altitude in Antarctica course. The course is designed to help you gain awareness regarding your body’s reactions and adaptations to high altitude.

Our first concern is for the safety of each individual in your group. While altitude is often not recognized as a medical threat, our experience in the deep field has taught us that high altitude, combined with the harsh Antarctic environment, can create life-threatening situations.

All of us react differently to altitude and it is important for everyone working “up high” to recognize altitude effects on themselves and their team members.

The online module is designed to prepare you for your field safety training while in McMurdo. We hope the presentation increases your awareness of altitude complications long before you deploy to the Ice.

By reading the Course Material and taking the Quiz, you receive the material that is offered in the altitude class held on-Ice.

Upon your arrival at McMurdo, our field safety training instructors offer a three-hour class where you can ask pointed questions and most importantly operate a Gamow bag, which is included in your field equipment.

Thank you for taking time to review this information. We appreciate any comments that you may have on this information.

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