Legal Baggage Locks
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Legal Baggage Locks
Legal Baggage Locks

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) asked air travelers to leave their checked baggage unlocked so they could perform security checks on the contents. If a lock is provided on the bag, TSA has the authority to break the lock so they can screen its contents. This action has caused several travelers to have items stolen from their checked bags.

Recently a new TSA-approved lock was introduced by Travel Sentry. The locks are emblazoned with a red-and-white diamond-shaped logo and can be opened by TSA screeners at more than 400 airports with a combination of codes and a special tool. After inspection, the screener can re-lock the bag.

Travel Sentry created the standards for the lock, but it is manufactured by a number of companies and sold nationwide at Brookstone, various luggage stores, and even Target ($6.88).

Should you incur a loss of items while on business travel, please let the Travel Department know so we can assist you with your claim.