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VIDEO: Explore How the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration is Working to Reduce Uncertainty About Future Sea-Level Rise
Thursday October 14, 2021
The Florida-sized Thwaites Glacier straddles some of the deepest bedrock in the southern continent. But warming ocean water from the Amundsen Sea is causing the glacier to melt at a worrying speed.

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Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy!
Wednesday October 13, 2021
The U.S. Navy has a long history in polar exploration, dating back as early as 1839.

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NSF Launches Outreach Effort to Help Shape the USAP Sexual Assault/Harassment Prevention and Response Program
Tuesday October 12, 2021
NSF has established Agency-wide policies and requirements to help ensure research environments are free from sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of harassment.

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VIDEO: Follow a team of researchers as they explore Antarctica's Subglacial lakes
Thursday October 07, 2021
Under the Antarctic ice are hundreds of lakes, but little is really known about these ecosystems. So, researchers are on the hunt to uncover new information about these unique areas.

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NY Air Guard gears up to support Antarctic science research
Wednesday October 06, 2021
The Antarctic research season is ramping up with the help of the New York Air National Guard's 109th Airlift Wing.

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Program Announcements

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NSF selects Roberta Marinelli as director of the Office of Polar Programs Aug 4, 2021

NSF selects Roberta Marinelli as director of the Office of Polar Programs

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has selected Dr. Roberta Marinelli to serve as director of the Office of Polar Programs, overseeing Arctic and Antarctic research and operational support for polar facilities. Dr. Marinelli brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position, having served in OPP as a program director in Antarctic Biology and Medicine (1997-2000) and in Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems (2005-2011). Her deep understanding of NSF's fundamental role in creating opportunities for the research community and supporting polar science research infrastructure has led to advanced international partnerships to improve Antarctic research capabilities.

Jonathan "Mike" Prince joins Office of Polar Programs as Antarctic Research Vessel Program Manager Jul 23, 2021

Jonathan "Mike" Prince joins Office of Polar Programs as Antarctic Research Vessel Program Manager

The Office of Polar Programs (OPP) Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics Section is excited to welcome Mr. Jonathan "Mike" Prince as the Antarctic Research Vessel (ARV) Project Manager. In this position, Mr. Prince is responsible for providing technical guidance and direct engagement on overall project development, design, planned construction, and delivery of the Antarctic Research Vessel, a major Office of Polar Programs MREFC initiative. Mr. Prince coordinates with contract personnel, vessel support groups, other sections in OPP, as well as other programs throughout NSF to achieve the project goals.

Michael Gencarelli appointed Planning Manager for the U.S. Antarctic Program
Lauren Lipuma joins the U.S. Antarctic Program as Antarctic Communications Editor


Special Report

A site map of the proposed new McMurdo Station taken from the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel Report

Take a look at the National Science Foundation's plans for the future of science and logistics in Antarctica.