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The United States Antarctic Program (USAP) utilizes list servers for distributing pertinent information to target audiences. There is a list server for each USAP station that advises of outages, network and system maintenance, and other IT events of interest. The distribution lists are broadcast lists only and any mail sent to the lists by general members is rejected.

The USAP also maintains system/service event notification lists that allow member postings, but membership requires moderator approval.

NOTE: When you subscribe to such lists, you are notified via email if you have received moderator approval.

Broadcast Mailing List Descriptions
Postable Mailing Lists Descriptions

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Broadcast Mailing List Descriptions

Broadcast Mailing Lists are for official use only. Requests for access are screened for formal sponsorship by a sponsoring official. Refer to the Subscribe section below for more details.

The following mailing lists are broadcast only:

Title Description
sun-list The Antarctic Sun Notification List
nbp-science-weekly USAP RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) Science Weekly
lmg-science-weekly USAP ARSV Laurence M. Gould (LMG) Science Weekly
usap_enterprise_notify USAP Enterprise Notification List
usap_entnonstat_notify USAP Enterprise Non-Station Notification List
usap_mcmurdo_notify McMurdo Station Notification List
usap_southpole_notify South Pole Station Notification List
usap_palmer_notify Palmer Station Notification List
usap_christchurch_notify USAP Christchurch, NZ Notification List
mcm-sitrep USAP McMurdo Station Situation Report
mcm-town-minutes USAP McMurdo Station Town Meeting Minutes
spo-sitrep USAP South Pole Station Situation Report
pal-sitrep USAP Palmer Station Situation Report
nbp-sitrep USAP RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) Situation Report
lmg-sitrep USAP ARSV Laurence M. Gould (LMG) Situation Report
chc-sitrep USAP Christchurch, NZ Situation Report
sptr_sn SPTR* Space Networks Notification List
chc-intercontinental-flight-group Christchurch, NZ Intercontinental Flight Group List
mcm-intracontinental-flights McMurdo Station On-Continent Flights
mcm-intercontinental-flights McMurdo Station On-Continent Flights
vessel-arrivals Vessel Arrival Advisory
vessel-departures Vessel Departure Advisory
60-south USAP 60 South Crossing Advisory
nbp-personnel-notices RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) Personnel Notices
lmg-personnel-notices ARSV Laurence M. Gould (LMG) Personnel Notices
usap-orbit-elements USAP Orbital Elements List

 *SPTR = South Pole Terminal Relay system

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Postable Mailing Lists Descriptions

The following mailing lists allow postings:

Title Description
iridium_enterprise_notify USAP Iridium Notification List
sptr SPTR* Notification List
sptr_data SPTR* Data Throughput Notification List
sptr-eng SPTR* Technical Engineering Notification List
sptr_mo_rept SPTR* Monthly Reports
pauc Palmer Area Users Committee (PAUC) List
palmer-grantees Palmer Station Grantees Mailing List

*SPTR = South Pole Terminal Relay system

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These lists are for official use only. If you wish to subscribe to any list, you must provide the following information in your Request to Subscribe email:

  1. Name of requester
  2. Organization of requester
  3. A one to two sentence statement of intent use/need/purpose for subscribing
  4. Functional role of the requester relative to his/her organization
  5. Suggested USAP program area sponsor including organization (NSF, ASC, ANG, etc.), name, title, and email address

To subscribe to a list, click on the link below and send your Request to Subscribe email: 

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To post to a list, click on the link(s) below and send your email post.

NOTE: In your email, you must include the following so we may evaluate your request:

USAP/National Science Foundation (NSF) Affiliation—contract, organization, grant number, principal investigator (PI) name, and event number (include all that apply).

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All messages sent through this system are subject to USAP Information Security policies, which can be found on the USAP Information Security Program page.


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