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U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory Featured in New York Times Magazine Piece on Global Repositories
News  /  Tuesday July 18, 2017
The NSF-funded laboratory, in Lakewood, Colo., which stores, curates, and studies ice cores recovered from around the world--including the Arctic and Antarctic--is among the facilities worldwide featured in a July 13 New...

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The Prehistoric Forests of the Frozen Continent
News  /  Thursday July 13, 2017
Paleontologists uncovered the fossil remnants of the oldest forest yet discovered in Antarctica. At about 270 million years old, the fossils come from an extinct species of tree known as Glossopteris. The...

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VIDEO: The World's Most Remote Independence Day Celebration?
News  /  Thursday July 6, 2017
Marching bands, fire engines, and baton twirlers are standbys of Independence Day celebrations, temperatures of -17 Fahrenheit and pitch darkness? Not so much. But as a morale booster at NSF's McMurdo Station,...

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VIDEO: A Harsh Winter Storm at Antarctica's McMurdo Station
News  /  Thursday July 6, 2017
It is the middle of winter in the Southern Hemisphere and for U.S. research stations in Antarctica, this means no respite from darkness, extreme cold and brutal weather. In late June what...

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Short to Head Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics Section new item Jul 18, 2017

Short to Head Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics Section

Stephanie Short, a former official of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has been appointed to head OPPÂ’s Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics Section (AIL), effective August 20, 2017. Short has more than twenty years of experience in project management and operations with the Department of Energy (DOE).

Sheppard Assumes New Role Within Antarctic Logistics Section Jul 13, 2017

Sheppard Assumes New Role Within Antarctic Logistics Section

Col. Paul Sheppard (USAF Ret.) has been appointed as Chief Program Officer within OPP's Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics Section (AIL). He came to NSF in 2011, after 28 years of military service, and was responsible for executing all logistics operations for the NSF-managed U.S. Antarctic Program.

New Office of Polar Programs (OPP) Safety and Occupational Health Policy
Dr. Douglas Kowalewski Joins the NSF Antarctic Sciences Section


Special Report

A site map of the proposed new McMurdo Station taken from the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel Report

Take a look at the National Science Foundations's plans for the future of science and logistics in Antarctica.

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International Jazz Day is celebrated at South Pole Station

Video: International Jazz Day is Celebrated at South Pole Station

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