USAP Field Manual
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USAP Field Manual Link to PDF file
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USAP Field Manual Index
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Chapter 1
Program Information Link to PDF file

Checklists 4
Environmental Guidelines 13
Emergency Management 19

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Chapter 2
Communications Link to PDF file

Radios 29
Iridium Phone Instructions 32

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Chapter 3
Field Gear and Operations Link to PDF file

Shelters 37
Stoves and Heaters 42
Sleds 52
Snowmobiles, Generators, and Power System 56
Honda Generator Operation 60
Mini-Portable Field Power System (MPFP) Operations 63
Human Waste Management 29

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Chapter 4
Weather Observations and Ice Assessment Link to PDF file

Setting up a Weather Observation Site 67
Weather Reporting Sheet 70
Sea Ice Assessment  83

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Chapter 5
Cargo and Aircraft Operations Link to PDF file

Cargo Procedures   88
Fixed-Wing Aircraft Operations   90
Preparing for Camp Put-in, Fixed-Wing   93
Camp Put-in, Fixed-Wing   94
Camp Communications, Fixed-Wing   94
Camp Pull-out, Fixed-Wing   95
Helicopter Operations   96
Preparing for Camp Put-in, Helicopter   97
Camp Put-in, Helicopter   98
Camp Communications, Helicopter   102
Camp Pull-out, Helicopter   103
Scientific Sample Shipment to McMurdo   104

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Chapter 6
Reference Information Link to PDF file

Wind Chill Chart 108
Weights and Cubes of Common Items 109
Conversion Table 111
NZDT-ZULU Time Conversion 112
Temperature Conversion 113
Knots 114
Maps 115

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Chapter 7
First Aid Link to PDF file

Basic Field First Aid Manual 122
Hygiene 122
Sprains and Strains 122
Bleeding and Wounds 123
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 124
Hypothermia 125
Frostbite 127
Immersion Foot 130
Altitude Sickness 131
Eye Injuries 134
Skin Injuries 135
Dental Health 136
Controlled Medications 136