2022-2023 Science Planning Summary
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2022-2023 USAP Field Season
Project Detail

Project Title

Investigating biogeochemical fluxes and linkages to climate change with multi-scale observations in the Drake Passage

Photo by Dave Munro. Image courtesy of NSF/USAP Photo Library. Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
O-214-L/N Research Location(s): Drake Passage


Event Number:
NSF / NOAA Agreement

Program Director:
Dr. David Porter

ASC POC/Implementer:
David Rivera / Bruce Felix

Principal Investigator(s)

Dr. David Russel Munro
University of Colorado Boulder


Supporting Stations: ARSV Laurence M. Gould, RV/IB Nathaniel B. Palmer
Research Locations: Drake Passage


The Southern Ocean plays an important role in the global carbon cycle and yet the timing, magnitude, and trends of key biogeochemical fluxes in this region remain poorly known due in large part to a lack of surface ocean data. The primary objective of this project is to collect observations of the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) in the surface ocean needed to assess the current state and long-term change of the flux of carbon dioxide (CO2) between the atmosphere and ocean. Our measurements are focused in the North Pacific, Arctic, and Southern Oceans to better understand air-sea carbon fluxes over high-latitude oceans, a large uncertainty in future climate change scenarios. This project supports the ongoing operation and maintenance of the underway air-sea pCO2 systems installed on the RV/IB Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) and ARSV Laurence M Gould (LMG).

Field Season Overview

ARSV Laurence M. Gould This project supports ongoing surface measurements of the partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) from aboard the LMG. In addition, discrete measurements will be made from water samples collected underway. All sampling and data collection will be supported by marine staff onboard USAP-funded cruises and transit vessel movements.

RV/IB Nathaniel B. Palmer All sampling and data collection will be supported by marine staff onboard U.S. Antarctic Program-funded cruises and transit vessel movements. No additional sea days are required.

Deploying Team Members

  • David Munro (PI)
  • Tim Newberger