2022-2023 Science Planning Summary
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2022-2023 USAP Field Season
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Earth Sciences, Geodesy and Geophysics

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Principal Investigator Event No. Project Title
Bart, Philip G-431-N Unpinning of the Ross Ice Shelf from Ross Bank
Bertrand, Paul G-078-M Dry Valley seismic project
Lamp, Jennifer G-055-M Landscape evolution in the McMurdo Dry Valleys: Erosion rates and real-time monitoring of rock breakdown in a hyperarid, sub-zero environment
Levy, Joseph G-083-M CAREER: Linking cold desert groundwater to thermokarst & chemical weathering in partnership with the Geoscience UAV Academy
Mitrovica, Jerry G-065-M Constraining West Antarctic Ice Sheet elevation during the last interglacial
Morgan, Daniel G-049-M Unlocking the glacial history of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica by fingerprinting glacial tills with detrital zircon U-Pb age populations
Tremblay, Marissa G-059-M Reconstructing temperatures during the mid-Pliocene Warm Period in the McMurdo Dry Valleys with cosmogenic noble gases
Wilson, Terry G-079-M Collaborative Research: Investigating Ice Sheet - Solid Earth Feedbacks in West Antarctica: Implications for ice sheet evolution and stability
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