2023-2024 Science Planning Summary
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2023-2024 USAP Field Season
Staffed Field Camps

During the 2023-24 summer season, ASC will operate two staffed field sites providing science support.

Taylor Valley Camps

~50 Nautical Miles From McMurdo Station

77° 37.380' S 162° 53.990' E (Lake Hoare)

The Taylor Valley camps will open to provide support to ongoing science projects in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. All camps are supported by helicopter operations based at McMurdo Station. This year, two resident staff based at Lake Hoare will facilitate operations at Lake Hoare, Lake Fryxell, Lake Bonney, and New Harbor camps. Supported groups in the Taylor Valleys this season include C-505-M Gooseff (MCM-LTER), and B-047-M Sumner.

Portable Shelters at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide Field Camp

WAIS Divide Camp (WSD)

891 Nautical Miles From McMurdo Station

79° 29.000' S 112° 5.000' W

The WAIS Divide camp, with 14 resident staff will act as a regional aviation hub for West Antarctica. The camp will support the transit of two Thwaites Glacier science projects: C-446-M (Tulaczyk-TIME) and C-442-M (Anandakrishnan- GHOST) from McMurdo Station to forward field sites. Two traverse teams will be based at the camp: The BAS (British Antarctic Survey) traverse, supporting GHOST will start and finish the season at WAIS. The West Antarctic Support traverse will also spend most of the season at WAIS Divide Camp, as they return that platform to service.