2023-2024 Science Planning Summary
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2023-2024 USAP Field Season
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Principal Investigator Event No. Project Title
Ballard, Grant B-200-M Population growth at the southern extreme: Effects of early life conditions on Adélie penguin individuals and colonies
Bowman, Jeff B-285-P CAREER: Understanding Microbial Heterotrophic Processes In Coastal Antarctic Waters
Eppley, Sarah B-289-E Collaborative Research: Exploring the functional role of plants during terrestrial succession
Junge, Karen B-321-M Sea-ice snow microbial communities’ impact on Antarctic bromocarbon budgets and processes
Khan, Alia B-466-E CAREER: Coastal Antarctic snow algae and light absorbing particles: snowmelt, climate, and ecosystem impacts
Rotella, Jay B-009-M Collaborative Research: The drivers and role of immigration in the dynamics of the largest population of Weddell seals in Antarctica under changing conditions
Sumner, Dawn B-047-M Seasonal primary productivity and nitrogen cycling in photosynthetic mats, Lake Fryxell, McMurdo Dry Valleys
Teets, Nicholas B-046-L Mechanisms of adaptation to terrestrial Antarctica through comparative physiology and genomics of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic insects
van Gestel, Natasja B-086-P Antarctica as a model system for responses of terrestrial carbon balance to warming
Watters, George B-006-L US Antarctic Marine Living Resources Program (AMLR)
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